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Equate Sensitive Eyes Solution is formulated for rinsing and storing soft contact lenses. It has a gentle formula and is easy to use. This sterile, isotonic, buffered Equate saline solution is a simple way to keep your lenses maintained.
Making the right health decisions can be challenging. With a complete range of products and simple solutions, Equate allows you to take care of your family with confidence.
Equate Sterile for Sensitive Eyes Saline Solution, 12 fl oz:
A sterile, isotonic, buffered solution
Quality guaranteed
Sterilizes lenses
For rinsing and storing soft contact lenses
Saline solution for eyes comes in a 12 fl oz size
Sensitive eyes solution
Keeps eyes healthy
Gentle formula
Not for use as a disinfectant

See Inside of Carton For Important Safety Information.

Ingredients: A Sterile, Isotonic, Buffered Solution That Contains Boric Acid, Sodium Borate, Potassium Chloride, Sodium Chloride, Preserved With Polyaminopropyl Biguanide (0.00003%) And Edetate Disodium (0.025%).

Instructions: Rinsing After Cleaning: After Cleaning, Thoroughly Rinse Lenses With Equate Saline Solution. Heat (Thermal) Disinfection: Use Fresh Equate Saline Solution When Heat Disinfecting. Follow The Directions Provided With Your Disinfecting Unit. Chemical Disinfection (Including Hydrogen Peroxide Systems): Following Disinfection, Rinse Lenses Thoroughly With Equate Saline Solution Before Insertion. Protein Removal: Use Equate Saline Solution to Dissolve Enzymatic Cleaning Tablets. Follow Directions Provided With The Enzymatic Cleaner.

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