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ReliOn Micro Thin Lancets make blood testing easier and more comfortable. Each single-use, 33-gauge lancet minimizes pain and maintains sterility. They are compatible with most lancing devices from ReliOn, Microlet, BD, TRUEdraw and others (devices sold separately). They come in a pack of 100 to provide you with an ample supply, so you always have one on hand when you need it.
ReliOn understands all the ways diabetes touches your life. With affordable, reliable products and total lifestyle support, ReliOn helps you be your best you.ReliOn 33G Micro Thin Lancets 100-Count:

  • Micro thin lancets minimize pain when lancing
  • Compatible with most lancing devices (devices sold separately)
  • 100-count pack of 33-gauge lancets for blood test
  • Not returnable to Walmart or


Health Concern: Diabetes / Bood Sugar Maintenance


Instructions: . Instructions:. If using a lancing device, refer to the manufacturer’s insert that came with the device. Wash and dry hands. Select fingertip site slightly off-center to minimize discomfort. Remove lancet cap. Lance skin to obtain a drop of blood. Apply blood to test strip, wipe fingertip with dry cotton ball or soft tissue, holding over puncture site until bleeding stops. Place used lancet in a sealable puncture proof container. When container is full, follow local disposal ordinance where applicable. Helpful Tip: To minimize the pain of testing, change lancet after every use. Lancets become dull and painful when reused.

Package Size: 100 ct


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