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Glutathione (500mg) Overview

Liver support and detoxification are increasingly common concerns among the health conscious. Many feel that simply focusing on obtaining all the right nutrients is only one part of the health equation; it may be just as important to support the body’s removal of wastes. To live in the modern world is to be under a nearly-constant assault from industrial chemicals, environmental toxins, impurities in our food, water and air, drugs and other substances. The liver bears the greatest burden among the different detoxification mechanisms in the body (kidneys, GI tract, etc). Detoxification can involve these other mechanisms too, but the liver should be the focus of any detox program. And a key factor in the liver’s detoxification processes is the tripeptide glutathione.

Glutathione is so important because it forms the basis of a key antioxidant and detoxification enzyme, glutathione peroxidase. This enzyme is able to detoxify a very wide range of harmful compounds, but there are limits on how much the body can manufacture in a given period of time. So increasing glutathione production would be a great way to increase detoxification. Taking a glutathione supplement may be one way of accomplishing this.

Reduced glutathione supplements such as NOW Foods’ Glutathione have only become available recently, and are welcome additions to the short list of legitimate liver-support substances such as milk thistle extracts, n-acetyl-cysteine and alpha lipoic acid. There is debate about whether oral glutathione supplements actually raise blood and tissue levels of glutathione. Animal studies show that the more tissues are depleted of glutathione, the more glutathione is absorbed. Taking glutathione precursors like cysteine has been shown to do that; if any glutathione is broken down during digestion, it will be broken down into glutathione precursors, which can then be used to make more glutathione.

There is no debate, however, about the reduced form of glutathione being the most desirable form. NOW’s Glutathione is a reduced glutathione supplement and with NOW’s reputation for purity and potency, this would be a good choice for anyone looking to support their liver’s detoxification functions. NOW Glutathione is actually more thanjust gltathione, it’s a complete liver support complex with alpha lipoic acid as well as the documented liver support herb milk thistle extract.

How well does NOW Glutathione work? It’s hard to quantify the results of a detox product, or the toxic load on the body at any given time. The physical symptoms of toxicity and even detoxing are highly variable. That’s why it may be hard to evaluate how well a product like NOW Glutathione is working. But some common effects noticed by those reducing their toxic load are improvements in energy levels, improvements in the condition of skin, appetite regulation and improved mood and clearer thinking. NOW Glutathione is very safe and easy to use. You can’t do much about toxins in the environment but you can better protect yourself from any potential harm by using NOW Glutathione whenever you need or want liver support. NOW Foods Reduced Glutathione is available in 250 mg and 500 mg potencies.



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