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Cut large pills in half with this Apex Ultra Pill Splitter. Featuring a pill grip, the Apex Pill Splitter holds the pill firmly in place while cutting. The clear Ultra Splitter features opaque blue grips for easy handling and a self-retracting blade guard for safety. Split pills cleanly in half with the strong stainless steel blade of this convenient Pill Splitter.

Apex Ultra Pill Splitter:

  • Self-retracting blade guard
  • Pill grip holds pills securely
  • Clear with opaque blue grips
  • Strong stainless steel blade
  • Model #70068BL


Warning Text: Do Not Attempt to Remove Blade Guard. The Blade Guard Will Retract When Closing The Ultra Pill Splitter, Allowing The Blade to Cut The Pill. Caution: Contains Cutting Edge. Keep Out of Reach of Children. Advertencia: Contiene Una Superficie Filosa. Mantenga El Patidor De Pildoras Alejado Del Alcance De Los Ni?Os. Pill Splitters Should Not Be Used to Cut Certain Pills. Consult Your Pharmacist Or Physician Before Cutting Any Medications.


Instructions: to Use: 1. Set Open Splitter On Firm Surface, Place Pill In The Point of The Pill Grip V. 2. Lower Lid Until Splitter Blade Lightly Touches Pill Surface. 3. Look At Pill Positioning Through Clear View from Above. 4. Make Any Final Adjustments to Pill Positioning On Pill Grip Surface. 5. Press Lightly to Split Pill. to Clean: After Each Use, Wash In Warm Soapy Water and Rinse Thoroughly to Remove Any Residue Left Behind from Splitting. Do Not Wash In Dishwasher. Para Usar: 1. Colocar El Partidor Sobre Un Lugar Firma, Pone La Pildora En El Punto De Pill Grip V. 2. Baja La Tapa De Partidor Hasta Que Corte Toque La Pildora Facil. 3. Mire Posicion De La Pildora A Traves De La Vista Claro Arriba. 4. Haga Modificaciones Final De La Posocion De Pildora Sobre La Superficie Pill Grip. 5. Oprime Facil Para Partir Pildora.

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